Anthropofascism is the ideology that human beings have a right to be everywhere, all the time, pursuing their own interests regardless of their impacts on other species and the earth’s environmental systems.

This ideology is widely shared by partisans of the political right and left, by conservatives and progressives, by free market enthusiasts and liberals who champion the regulation of capitalist economies, by those indifferent to inequality in human societies and radicals who seek to overturn capitalism in favor more egalitarian social systems.

Anthropofascism is often rooted in religions that contend God has created humankind in his own image. Religions originating in Asia promote it in their own ways, including those in which long karmic processes are thought to account not only for inequality among human beings but also for human moral superiority over other living things .

It is an ideology widely shared, as well, by those agnostic or skeptical of those who believe in unseen divine beings or forces, including many academicians.  Those trained in the humanities and social sciences commonly express this ideology.   This is especially ironic for those among them who  advocate for the poor and dispossessed.

Anthropofascism, the blog, has been created to identify and challenge this virulent ideology, and to identify and promote alternative understanding of the human place in nature, with corresponding ecocentric (ecosystem-centered) and biocentric (life-centered) values.


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